The Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO) was set up on 4th December, 1998 by monks, women and youth who came from various places in the Pa-O areas in Burma. PYO is a member of the Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB) and the Nationalities Youth Forum (NYForum). It is a non-violent independent youth organization striving for peace, justice and democracy in Burma.

The main aims of PYO are:

1. To establish a new society based on the principles of peace and justice.

2. To empower Pa-O youth, build greater unity among the Pa-O people and nurture younger generations to become future leaders.

The main objectives of PYO are:

1. To promote Pa-O literature and culture.

2. To promote quality critical thinking of Pa-O youth.

3. To educate the people in Pa-O areas regarding human rights and the environment.

4. To help build a federal union of Burma with equality and self-determination.

In order to implement and achieve the aims and objective of the activities, we have broken down our activities into five categories. Those are:

1) News and information

2) Research and Documentation

3) Pa-O literature and culture

4) Human rights and Environment

5) Health

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